Sponsoring Foundations

In 2000, six Greensboro foundations, concerned that the local economy was not as healthy as in the past and that our traditional industries were not positioned to remain the powerhouses they had been, engaged McKinsey & Company to study Greensboro's economic future. The McKinsey Report, published in November 2000, examined Greensboro's future economic prospects.

As a follow up to The McKinsey Report, Action Greensboro was established in March 2001 to coordinate citizen initiatives focused on key concerns and recommend action to enhance Greensboro's economy--to "break new ground." Volunteer task forces, chaired by business, higher education and civic leaders, were established to address six areas: Attraction and Retention of Young Professionals; Center City; Recruitment and Retention of Business and Industry; Greensboro's Image; Small Business Development and Entrepreneurism; and Public Schools.

Six Greensboro foundations continue to support Action Greensboro: